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only ONE ouija board witch kit available on my etsy! till I find more tins! and don’t forget all my necklaces! 💕 {hint hint ‘halloweeyoutube2014’ at checkout and save 20%} 😉 making custom orders all this week since I have it off! Etsy: CierraCarnage link in bio
almost done this little witch kit! Just gotta get an incense cone and finishing baking the holder! THERE’S (1) ouija board witch kit available on my etsy CierraCarnage right now :) ✨🌙 wood kits up soon

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Anonymous: hello, i'm just getting started with witchcraft and i was wondering where to buy crystals? where they sell them cheap? i only have an amethyst right now and i would like to get more. Thank you!

well mainstream shops such as green earth sell them! That’s actually the only one I know of.. I get mine online, vendors, local fairs and such!

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