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psychic convention tomorrow! I’m so excited! I think I went about the same time as last year! Sadly I’m not getting a reading done  because I can’t afford one, but my sister is! While she gets that done I shop around and talk to all the psychics and look at the crystals and books and such :) I love the atmosphere. 🌜🔮🌛

I  am a forest, and a night of dark trees: but he who is not afraid of my darkness, will find banks full of roses under my cypresses. 🌹
got home a little while ago from college and was surprised to find this huge box of goodies from @funcostumes!! I AM SO EXCITED! I received the cutest aged skeleton wall key, steampunk skull, owl which eyes glow red I think (I haven’t put batteries in) an adorable crow standing on a skull and a beautiful skeleton hand holding a glass cup for a candle or candies or anything! (the arm chipped on it’s way over here but with my crafty skills I can fix it!) ❤️ Not to mention a cute little letter and that everything was spookily wrapped in cob webs and mini spiders! A HUGE thank you to @funcostumes @funcostumes @funcostumes ! I love everything! Everyone go checkout their site! it’s stuffed with costumes, decorations and more!! 🌹💀 I’m such a lucky ghoul! My whole room and dorm will look beautifully spooky!! 👻🎃
swoshee: was scrolling through the Halloween tag and came across your blog. Have followed and checked out your YouTube c: keep it up dude!

thank you! :)

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