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4,515 notes - 22 July, 2014

haven’t been on because work.. it’s almost done though wooo! watching house of 1000 corpses right now :))
contest on my Instagram :)

there’s one thing you forget, you can’t make me play dead, I’ve swallowed your bullshit, no respect, you make me fucking sick. 🔫
a huge thanks to @macabreclothing for sending me some really rad shirts in the mail! I love this ‘Black Metal Mickey’ shirt you can pick up for $14.99 on their site plus tons of other wicked designs starting at $5! I can’t wait to take some good photos with them once I’m done working! Go look them up and give em’ a follow! Their site is 

I started my job today at the cherry factory, so I won’t be on much for the next 2 weeks-ish! It’s just a seasonal job that goes for about 16 days, basically till all the local cherry trees are shook and harvested! It’s such long shifts but you make so much money within 16 days!! But I have to take my angel bites out wahhh :( and no makeup and ugly aprons and hairnets lol

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